Frequent Mutilations


Frequent Mutilations began as a radio show on CKMS -FM in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada at some point in the early 1980’s.  Ian Ferguson and Frank Fowlie, left with some empty space between their weekly radio shows, began experimenting with sounds  and creating collages (at that time, entirely of the analog variety).  The show grew to a full hour with it’s own time-slot first on Thursdays, then moving to Saturday night, where it stayed until August 2008.  A small group of people rotated through the show and produced some innovative programming that went largely ignored. Shortly before the show ended in 2008, Andrew O’Connor took the content to the Deep Wireless Festival in Toronto, and in 2009 it was presented as an installation at the Open ears Festival in Kitchener, Ontario.

Frequent Mutilations was on for one hour each week for about 25 years ... that’s 1250 hours of collage ... 

Audio Art/Collage Since the Early 80’s